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According to IMDb 7 Best Tamil Thriller Movies

According to IMDb 7 Best Tamil Thriller Movies

Do you want to dive deep into Tollywood and enjoy the thrill of some classic films? Then we got news for you. This article will cover the 7 best Tamil thriller movies of all time. According to IMDb, these movies are at the top.

You can watch some of these movies on various streaming networks. As the Tollywood industry progresses, Tamil movies make a name for themselves. These movies are as raw as it gets, and the actors keep doing a fantastic job portraying each character effortlessly. That is why people who once fell in love with Tamil movies just can’t get enough.

So without further ado, let’s list the 7 greatest Tamil thriller films of all time.

List of 7 Best Tamil Thriller Movies

1. Visaranai
Director: Vetrimaaran


S Rathnasamy
Official Trailer:

Running Time: 118 minutes long.

Vetrimaaran wrote and directed the Indian Tamil-language criminal drama film Visaranai. It is based on M. Chandrakumar’s novel Lock Up. It is known to be one of the greatest Tamil thriller movies of all time.

Muthuvel, a Tamil guy, is depicted with a group of men doing an operation in Andhra Pradesh. The four laborers are apprehended, assaulted, and tortured in police custody for a theft they did not commit for the authorities to settle a high-profile robbery case.

When called to the stand in court, they recount the events to the judge and attest for them. They are then ordered to kidnap K.K., who has turned himself in to the same court.

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The Deputy Commissioner (DCP) planned the kidnapping, who was given orders from the high brass of the state’s dominant political party to utilize K.K. in court and bring down the President of the opposition party, as general elections are just months away.

The Assistant Commissioner (ACP) persuaded the DCP to play a double game to obtain three crores (30 million) rupees from the opposition in exchange for dropping the case. Later, there is a conversation about acquiring the bribe and covering up the death as a suicide.

The film is based on a novel written by real-life human rights campaigner Kumar, who has received several human rights awards. In the film, Muthuvel feels culpable for the events’ corruption and immorality and initially refuses to participate but is compelled due to his profound participation.

2. Aaranya Kaandam
Director: Thiagarajan Kumararaja


Jackie Shroff
Ravi Krishna
Sampath Raj
Yasmin Ponnappa
Official Trailer:

Running Time: 116 minutes long (censored) and 126 minutes long (uncut).

Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s Aaranya Kaandam is a Tamil-language thriller film written and directed by him. It is one of the best Tamil thriller movies of all time.

Singaperumal, an elderly mobster, imposes himself on a girl named Subbu but cannot perform and expresses his fury by hitting her. Pasupathy, his lieutenant, offers a proposition. A massive quantity of cocaine worth around $20,000,000 has arrived in town, and he wishes to sell it for $63,000. The disadvantage is that the stockpile is owned by their arch-rival Gajendran.

Kaalayan is an impoverished farmer who lives in the slums with his young, street-smart son Kodukapuli and makes a pittance staging cockfights. His wife Kasthuri is kidnapped and used as bait to entice Pasupathy. Subbu urges Sappai to think for himself and recognize that Singaperumal is taking advantage of them.

The next day, Kaalayan has his cockfight, but his prize rooster is killed this time. Subbu and Sappai become odd friends, and Subbu remains hopeful about finding a way out.

Kaalayan phones Singaperumal to arrange a meeting and a bargain for the cache, but his father’s goons abduct him. Pasupathi dials Gajendran’s number and promises to divulge the location of the stockpile. Both groups lunge toward each other, misunderstanding Pasupathy’s loyalties and ensuring a gang war.

3. Thani Oruvan
Director: Mohan Raja


Jayam Ravi
Arvind Swamy
Official Trailer:

Running Time: 158 minutes long.

Thani Oruvan is a Tamil-language action thriller directed by Mohan Raja and written by Raja, Suresh, and Balakrishnan.

In 1980, A low-level cadre was loyal to his regional boss Tamizhvanan and the party. Pazhani, Sengalvarayan’s son, won first place in his 10th standard state test in 1996. 1997: While waiting for the party’s commander, they witness an unintentional murder of a rebel.

Then in 2014, trainee IPS officers assisted police in apprehending a gang that abducted four females. Mithran and his pals watch Ramar, a social activist, being murdered under the guise of snatch-snatching.

They apprehend the gang and its boss and turn them over to the cops. Four days later, the gang’s leader arrives at the IPS headquarters with the Home Minister.

Mithran realizes that Siddharth is Pazhani, Sengalvarayan’s son. Angelina, the owner of a Swiss pharmaceutical firm and an activist, is working to make generic medications for life-threatening conditions available in India at a cheap cost that impoverished people may pay.

Mithran’s assassin kills Angelina before she can sign the agreement contract with the government, and Mithran is shot at that moment. Mithran discovers a pin altered in a photograph, which turns out to be Ananya, Miss World 2011.

Mithran kidnaps Vicky and records all of his information. Mithran informs Tamizhvanan that he has proof and wishes to apprehend Siddharth. Siddarth accidentally murders Sengalvarayan with his thugs. The film concludes with Mahima and Mithran’s marriage.

4. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru
Director: Karthick Naren


Rashin Rahman
Prakash Vijayaraghavan
Ashwin Kumar
Official Trailer:

Running Time: 105 minutes long.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (D-16) is a South Indian-Tamil neo-noir criminal thriller film directed by Karthick Naren, starring Rahman. It is one of the best cult-classic Tamil thriller movies.

The plot is around Deepak, who tells the story to a man who belongs to the son of another cop. Deepak goes to the crime scene and meets Gautham, the new police officer. They go to investigate and behave suspiciously. Shruti is missing, and there are bloodstains in her bedroom.

Deepak’s neighbor tells him about a young man who was expecting him. Deepak had taken a camera from some children. They were told to meet him at his house to get the camera. Deepak notices through the camera that Vaishnavi has lied about getting late to the residence. By telling a tale, Gautham and Deepak speculate the circumstance.

An unknown assailant breaks into the house and kidnaps Shruti, Krish, and Vaishnavi’s presumed lover. Krish is slain while attempting to flee, and his boyfriend is killed when he is hit by a car. They receive information that a man is tossing a corpse on the outskirts.

Later on, Deepak encounters the man who pretended to be someone else to solve his only field case. Deepak’s crew summons the police, and Gautham is ready to be apprehended. He questions Deepak about the murderer, and Deepak admits that the murderer is his son, Rajiv. Gowtham had been in a coma for five years owing to burns and had been permanently discharged from field duty.

5. Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum (The Wolf and the Goat)
Director: Mysskin


Shaji Chen
Official Trailer:

Running Time: 142 minutes long.

Mysskin wrote, directed, and produced the Indian Tamil-neo-noir thriller Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum (English: The Wolf and The Lamb). It is one of the best Tamil thriller movies ever filmed.

The plot concerns Chandru, a medical student who tries to treat a bleeding guy. Wolf, the guy, had actually eluded police that night. Chandru hits Wolf with a rock while waiting near a structure and subdues him. Wolf flees with the lady as Chandru goes to contact the cops.

Thamba’s soldiers abduct Chandru and Wolf, who are both blind. They travel to Calvary Cemetery, where another blind guy is waiting for them.

They’ve all come to light candles in memory of the blind man’s son, who was accidentally slain by Wolf while working for Thamba. The film concludes with Chandru walking away from a scene while carrying the girl.

6. Anjathe
Director: Mysskin


Ajmal Ameer
Official Trailer: N/A

Running Time: 192 minutes long.

Anjathe is an Indian Tamil neo-noir action thriller directed and written by Mysskin and produced by V. Hitesh Jhabak. It is arguably one of the best Tamil thriller movies.

The parallel is the narrative of Deena Dayalan and Loganathan, who use kidnapping to extort money from companies. Sathyavan and Kripakaran are best friends who live across the street from one other in the police quarters.

Kripa works hard to advance to the rank of Sub-Inspector and dares Sathya to achieve the same. Because of his uncle’s political connections, he passed the physical, written, and interview tests and was appointed as a SI.

Sathya is assigned to a special task squad to apprehend gang members involved in the abduction. Kripa joins in to raise funds for his father’s angioplasty, unaware that he is endangering small children until it is too late.

Daya murders his guy during the raid to prevent information from being passed on and devises a plan to flee in a poultry van.

The scheme to abduct the IG’s daughters is a sophisticated ploy designed to divert the police force to the city’s south while they flee to the north.

Kripa is compassionate and gentle with the two girls in the sugarcane fields. A fistfight is unavoidable, but the special task force arrives and murders Daya by framing it as an encounter.

7. Kurangu Bommai
Director: Nithilan Swaminathan


Delna Davis
Official Trailer:

Running Time: 105 minutes long.

Nithilan Swaminathan wrote and directed Kurangu Bommai, also known as Monkey Doll, a 2017 Indian Tamil-language criminal thriller film. It is also one of the best cult-classic Tamil thriller films ever made.

The plot of the film is nonlinear. Sindhanai is a crook who has insomnia. An astrologer informs him that he will be healed only if he builds a bed of a million rupees and sleeps on top of it. Kathir’s mother calls to notify him that his father, who had left for Chennai without informing him, had not come home in two days.

Sundaram tells a story of being requested to smuggle a 5 crore gold idol from Thanjavur to Chennai. He must take it to Chennai and bring it up to Sekar, who misplaced it at a bus stop. Sekar chooses to get rid of Sundaram since he knows he will be killed if Ekambaram discovers his plans. He knocks Sundaram out and confines him to a room in his house.

The storyline gets thrilling once Kathir receives a call from one of Ekambaram’s goons, who saw the bag’s Facebook post and concludes that both father and son have been plotting all along. The henchman instructs Kathir to return the bag to him within an hour and to meet them at Sekar’s residence.

Meanwhile, Kathir encounters the man who misplaced it at the bus stop and thinks he must be related to his father. When Sekar hears a knock on the door of his new apartment, he is enjoying a luxurious existence. When he meets Kathir, he believes that as the cab driver, he requests and welcomes him in.

In the end, we see Kathir assault and bind Sekar to a chair, demanding to know why he murdered his father. As the camera pans out, Sekar is seen as a quadriplegic, alive but unable to move.

Tamil movies are critically acclaimed for their realism and explicit storytelling ability. Especially when they produce a thriller film that is one piece of art to witness. We only listed the 7 best Tamil thriller movies according to IMDb ratings.


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